Dean Lorraine Justice has announced that CIAS will be collaborating with the Alliance
Graphique Internationale by hosting the AGI Foundation at RIT. This brings RIT into
direct contact with a major international professional advocacy organization, extending
the college’s global and collaborative initiatives.
The Alliance Graphique Internationale unites the world’s leading graphics designers and
artists in a professional organization of common interest and achievement. It is an elite
group. Its members have been collectively responsible for the identity design of most of
the world’s top corporations and institutions as well as for countless examples of globally
known packaging, publications, illustration and posters.
The role and importance of the AGI within the professional field of graphic design is
clearly different from the existing national and international professional organizations.
In recognition of this context, the AGI is also a platform for activity. It has a task to tell
the world and change it. Through the relationships and interaction of its members, the
AGI promotes graphic design in lectures, education and publishing. It encourages
knowledge and understanding among the young and fosters contacts with other
institutions, organizations and companies involved in graphic design. The AGI holds
exhibitions of members work which are highly influential in disseminating new forms,
techniques and ideas. There is a book publishing programme based on the thoughts and
works of members. There are contacts with colleges and schools, government bodies and
commercial institutes, all aimed at promoting graphic design and visual literacy.
Today there are around 350 AGI members from Africa, America, Australia, Asia, the
Middle East and Europe 27 countries in all. Membership of the AGI requires reputation
and achievement of the highest order and commitment to the processes of visual learning
and perception, unfettered by cultural differences. AGI remains dedicated to the universal
aspect of graphic design as a means of communication and information, and its ideals
remain relevant to the new world of visual literacy which its members have helped to
bring about.
Vignelli Professor R. Roger Remington, himself an AGI member, considers the
relationship with AGI “a key move in enhancing RIT’s visibility in the international
design community.”

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