University System of Georgia Teaching and Learning Conference
April 3–5, 2013 in Athens, Georgia
The importance of engaging students in learning through collaborative projects
can be achieved in a variety of classroom based initiatives. Students need to learn to think
socially, globally, and responsibly.

Professor Nancy Ciolek, Professor Carol Fillip and MFA candidate Casey Kelly,
from RIT’s School of Design presented at the USG Teaching and Learning Conference
in a panel presentation format— the title was “Community Collaborations:
Engaging Students Through Experiential Learning”.

Their presentation explored experiential case studies that integrated social awareness
and responsibility through visual design projects that the graduate students had produced
for a class in the Spring of 2012. The class projects implemented critical thinking
and collaborative models as solutions were developed by students that impacted society
in a positive manner. The methodologies and best practices learned from student, faculty,
and client experiences were presented. The conference participants heard from both
the faculty and student perspective, as they described their experiences.The presentation
included an open panel discussion. The presentation was very well received.
Congratulations to Casey for her fabulous student work both for the class and the conference!

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