Graphic Design Juniors in two sections of Professor Deborah Beardslee’s Information Design course have
paired up to collaborate with Susan Schliff, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine as they scope out and improve
an extensive system of medical forms for her practice. Our first client meetings with Dr. Schliff have taken
place across Weeks 4 and 5 this fall.

This project presents an interesting set of challenges and represents the extremely important, and perhaps
underserved, area of form design. This is an area of design that requires meticulous attention to details
related to user needs, functionality and systems details. The students are all doing a great job so far.

When these projects are completed, they will provide strong “before and after” case studies for student
portfolios and will also aid a small group of Rochester chiropractors as they provide important care and
services to those in need. The more meaningful opportunities for Graphic Design students to engage
with our surrounding community, the better.

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