Positive/Negative is a student-run annual publication created by senior photography and graphic design students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The magazine is comprised of collaborative articles that are written, photographed, and designed entirely by students exclusively for the magazine.

Over the course of 15 weeks, a team of 35 students creates, produces, edits, critiques, and publishes this full color, 100+ page publication. Positive/Negative is founded upon the unification of beautiful photography and innovative design. Students produce all aspects of the magazine: everything in between the two covers is made by the photography and design students enrolled in the course. The articles in the magazine span topics from the arts, pop culture, entertainment, and health.

In addition to the print publication, the class is creating an immersive and responsive experience across all media platforms (eBook, tablet, mobile, desktop). Their website, PositiveNegativeMagazine.com, also documents the class’ progress throughout the semester, contains the archive of past issues, and a list of the magazine’s many awards.

Because this is a student project, the Postive/Negative team needs YOUR help to achieve their artistic vision for Volume 9! Your donation will go directly to funding the printing of 300+ magazines, and if you contribute more than $50, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE COPY of this year’s issue! If all of this isn’t incentive enough to help  out, check out the list of the awards that the past two issues of Positive/Negative have received from various international and regional organizations:

Vol 8: PLATINUM award for “Best in Magazine Design” category for 45th Creativity International Print & Design Awards, and an Advertising Federation GOLD Addy.

Vol 7: Won “BEST IN SHOW” in the 44th Creativity International Print & Design Awards (selected from thousands of entries in over 42 countries), and a National GOLD Addy for “Student Magazine Publication.”

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