Are you interested in game design, interaction design, online learning, history & culture, working with interdisciplinary teams, and gaining valuable professional experience while working on awesome additions to your portfolio?


Prof. Kelly Murdoch-Kitt is looking for talented sophomore and junior-level design students for two different game design projects:


Juniors and seniors: 

1. Security Game: This desktop computer game teaches CS students about security issues. It is supported by a grant, but is in the early stages of development and could benefit from big-picture design thinking, organizational methodology, and a cohesive user interface and experience. This is a paid position through a faculty member in the Interactive Games and Media program; Prof. Murdoch-Kitt will be helping to consult and manage the creative team.

Sophomores and juniors: 

2. Culture/community game: This is a “resource management” game (kind of like Agricola) that will have both physical (board game) and mobile (iPhone/android) components. It is in the early prototype stage and also managed by another faculty member in Interactive Games and Media. Prof. Murdoch-Kitt will be selecting and managing a creative team of designers and illustrators to develop a set of visual prototypes to seek funding for the full-fledged version of the project. This project is a good candidate for independent study credits this semester and could lead to a paid position in the coming years if the project is funded.

These will both be incredible learning opportunities with great potential for amazing additions to your portfolio!

To apply, please contact Prof. Murdoch-Kitt with an email briefly stating

  • your interest in one of the projects,
  • your background,
  • your collaboration experience,
  • your skills,
  • indicate what kind of design and/or illustration interests you most!

+ Attach three examples of your best work (PDF or link to portfolio site).

Apply by Friday, February 13 at

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