As part of their Spring 2017 Independent Study project, Junior Graphic Design majors Izzy Bulling and Cameron Czadzeck are looking for your participation in a project they are rolling out across our program’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Their call for submissions runs from March 20 through Imagine RIT, where they’ll have a table set up in Studio 1 with more details of their bigger vision.

In the meantime, they hope you’ll participate in their crowd-sourced image-making adventure by creating your own version of the social media profile pic using this basic submissions template (pictured below).

Feel free to be as creative with it as possible – print it out, scan it in, experiment! Work digitally, with finger paints, or get weird with it. The choice is yours! Your finished submissions (PDFs, please) can be uploaded here. Physical templates will also be available in a folder in Studio 1. 

We’ll pick a few of our favorites to be specially showcased, but all crowd-sourced contributions will go towards the final product. Think of it as collaboration on a grand scale (it’s not a competition).

Download the submission template!

The final plan for how they’ll use your submissions will be revealed as the semester progresses – stay tuned!

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