Our vision:

Graphic Design education at RIT merges the areas of design theory, process, creativity, and professional practice. The discipline requires understanding problem-solving, communication, and business. Aspects of culture, history, sustainability, and global awareness are also integral components. Faculty members provide a wealth of knowledge and experience from various areas of the graphic design profession. With an understanding of design processes and problem solving approaches, critical thinking, exposure to a rigorous full spectrum of graphic design — including information design, interaction and web design, environmental design, packaging design, and editorial design — combined with technical proficiency, students are exposed to all aspects of the profession. Cross-discipline collaborations, community interaction, social service projects, internships, and co-ops provide an important professional and cultural experience within the program. Access to our world-renowned Vignelli Center for Design Studies, the Graphic Design Archive, and the Cary Collection provide unique resources of design history and a wealth of design perspectives. Through these experiences and opportunities, our graduates emerge to be successful design leaders.

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