Senior graphic design, industrial design and packaging science students worked together in the interdisciplinary packaging design course to create innovative solutions for Wegmans Organic Yogurt and Premium Orange Juice. The criteria for the design process emphasized the buyer decision at the point of sale, in-home use, end of life considerations and overall sustainability.

Representatives from Wegmans and faculty selected four winning teams; two per category at a presentation on December 15 at Sustainability Hall at RIT. ​The packaging design course is a collaboration between Professors Lorrie Frear, Alex Lobos, and Karen Proctor.

Wegmans Organic Yogurt

First Place


team MOO: Jay Fleckenstein, Laura Hoerner, Abbey Phillips, Brendan Babiarz, Evan Cincotta



Second Place


Liah Perez, Jill Secrest , Koby Trout, Mary Stalter, Lena Laque Almond, Corey McCue


Premium Orange Juice

First Place


Chris Munoz, Wentian, Chen, Kyle Laidlaw, Vienna Ziatyk  and Greg Okolowicz, Suyue Lu (not pictured)



Second Place


Adrian Tiliacos, Alicia Cardinell, Dan Jurman, Andrew Tobin, and Chris Lundquist

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